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Awnings & Canopy Structure: Purposefully Shaped, Designed to Please

Awnings and Canopies, Enclosures, Exterior Signage, Others

When we’re talking about awnings and canopies, size, shape, design, and materials matter.  Although they are designed for practical purposes, awning and canopies also add interest and eye-catching appeal to buildings and entrances.

Awning Shapes, Canopy Designs

Shed and waterfall awnings are what most people think of when they think of as traditional awning shapes.

Alternatives to the most traditional awning shapes include concave, elongated dome, gable designs, and other “artistic” awnings that function as design features, especially on otherwise unremarkable building architecture.

Designed to Demand Attention, Built to Last

Likewise, while common canopy styles are functional and offer a clean visual element, more elaborate styles can serve special purposes. For example, cantilevers, multigon, and sail shapes lend themselves to a variety of purposes.

Graphics can be incorporated in any style of awning or canopy. The skillful addition of graphics can turn even a standard awning into unique sign.

And, they’re built to last. Generally, we frame awnings, canopies and other enclosures using a one-inch square, rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame, or primed and painted aluminum tubing so the framing can be matched to the building’s façade or trim.

Material Matters

Old awning materials are long gone. Thin plastic and canvas have been replaced by newer, and often high-tech materials that perform better and last longer than materials used even five to 10 years ago. Many newer awning fabrics not only resist fading, they are also flame retardant, such as Firesist, a specially dyed polyester fabric that is UV resistant and has excellent flame-retardant properties.

Some of the most popular awning materials in use today also offer excellent economic value, including:

  • 100% Acrylic fabrics – Sunbrella and Sattler are among the most popular of the new, high-quality, strong and attractive fabrics.
  • Non-illuminated Vinyl fabrics Weblon, Coastline, and Weathertyte are three we often recommend for specific uses and conditions.
  • Polyester – not your grandma’s pantsuit! Many awnings that are not illuminated and have to meet fire codes can be made from high-performance, specially coated or treated polyesters that are resistant to ultraviolet light, mildew, and other environmental conditions. Ask us about Cool Glo, Firesist, and other highly-performance materials.
  • Coated PVC – Cooley-Brite is among the most recognized brands. Generally, a coated PVC material is a good choice for backlit signs and awnings. Coated PVC like Cooley-Brite is durable, and meets fire-resistant standards as well as offering maximum light diffusion and consistent translucency, providing a long-lasting, attractive feature that is both serviceable and a beautiful advertisement for your business.

Awnings & Enclosures Offer Long-term Payoff

Whether intended to protect customers from the elements at your entrance, enclose a patio, increase seating or service areas, or to serve as a unique sign for your business, awnings and canopies are an investment with a long-term payoff.

To learn more about awnings, canopies and enclosures that are definitely not from your grandma’s generation, contact Metro Sign & Awning’s design and fabrication specialists at 617.830.4555.

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