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Digital Signage in Airports: Enhancing Security Screening Globally – Metro Sign & Awning

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Digital signage is being used in airports across the globe to help speed up the security screening process. Two new pieces of technology are being introduced at London’s Luton Airport, which use digital signage to show virtual assistants going over what is and is not permitted aboard the aircraft.

Metro Sign and Awning’s insight:

Is a lack of proper signage to blame for the February railroad crash in Westchester County responsible for killing 5 people? The family of the woman driving the SUV involved in the crash believe so. Philip Russotti, the attorney for the family, claims that the crossing “failed to meet standards of railroad crossing signage through this country,” preventing the driver from being able to protect herself.

Signs serve many purposes, and in some cases are necessary for safety. Could proper signage have saved the lives of those lost aboard this train? We may never know for sure. But clear and informative signage is important and just may save lives in the future.

Metro Sign & Awning's Insight
An attorney for the family of the driver of a sport-utility vehicle involved in the fiery Metro-North Railroad crash in February alleges a Westchester County train crossing lacked sufficient signage, warning lights and other features that could have prevented the tragedy.
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