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Don’t Gamble, Just Win with Your Signage

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Several Metro employees were at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island last week, but they weren’t rolling dice or playing slots (at least, that’s not why they went). They attended the New England Sign Expo as Metro representatives, sharing experiences, tips, and trends with hundreds of other signage professionals.

Signage Professionals: Sharing Knowledge, Signage Expertise

Our employees returned with quite a haul of new knowledge, which they’re sharing with everyone here. Hosted annually by the Northeast States Sign Association (NSSA), the Sign Expo offers educational demonstrations and seminars (in addition to some fun social activities!) and this year, much of the focus was on LED and digital signage.

Green Signage Scores (Another) One for the Planet

Of course, we’ve worked with business owners and property developers for years to show them how digital signage increases sales and speeds up the return on their signage investment. We’ll revisit that topic again soon.

The NSSA show highlighted some of the environmental advantages digital and LED signs offer – another topic we’ve discussed here. In case you missed it, you can still grab our free white paper on the subject and pick up 9 Green Signage Tips to Wow Your Clients.

One more tip we’d like to pass along: when it comes to your business signage, don’t gamble. Work with signage professionals to make sure all of your signs are winners.

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