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Just for Fun: Funny Signs


Steeped as we are in the sign business, we make a serious effort to do our jobs as perfectly as we can. But we also get a laugh now and then from signs that “fail,” as well as those that are intentionally funny.Here are a few signs that have been tickling our funny bones during the past few days.

This one proves it’s possible to get a laugh without using words at all:

(Can you guess what happens to the road after it crests that rise?)

But some signs are funny for the self-referential thoughts they express. Like this one:

and this one:

Or equally well, for the lack of thought they express:

Some signs make much ado about nothing, like this one:


or this one:

We also enjoy the occasional “unforced error” that creeps into signage work when somebody in a key position simply fails to payattention:

Here’s another one:

Some funny signs are just clever:


Other signs elicit a quick chuckle because they make no sense:

Or because they appear to make no sense:

(This one actually makes perfect sense, because Table Mountain National Park, in Cape Town, South Africa, is home to a large colony of African Penguins! Score one for the sign makers!)

But the ones we like the best are the ones that highlight the importance of our work, and the need for us to do more of it, like this one:

What funny signs have you seen lately? Snap some photos and submit them on our Facebook page, please, so we can share your “funny sign finds” with others who enjoy the odd bit of Visual Display Humor. Thanks!

If you’ve enjoyed reading these signs, here they are all together:


(Originally Published November 28, 2013; Updated November 27, 2014.)

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