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Life Cycle of a Sign

Signage Tips

You need new signage for your business and made room in your budget for the project. Great! But… now what? It’s easy enough to type up and tape a sign on a door, or order a stopgap banner to hang, but that’s hardly professional or durable.

The Design Phase

So what now? Well, you’ve probably got an idea of the design — incorporating your company’s colors and logo, for example. But then what? Easy! You talk to our experienced sales professionals. They’ll prepare budgetary pricing guidelines and then collaborate with you to create a sign that:

  • Maximizes its advertising ROI and aesthetic potential
  • Focuses attention on your business
  • Supports your company’s goals and brand

Choosing the Best Material

Once you’ve approved the design, we’ll look at the materials and make recommendations based on its use and your budget. Indoor signage doesn’t face the same harsh environmental elements that can affect durability, for example, and after you’ve invested in a high-quality sign, you want it to last.

Indoor Signs

Choosing the right mounting method — and material — helps to extend a sign’s life by keeping it looking professional and fresh.

Exterior Signs

This signage is a real workhorse that must battle sun, weather, and temperature changes. Fortunately, constant innovation and evolution in the signage industry has given rise to a wide range of durable options.


Securing permitting is a complex process that includes working with many agencies and departments. We take care of the entire permitting process, from researching requirements to obtaining the permits your project requires.

The Manufacturing Process

Once you’ve approved the designs and chosen the materials — and we’ve secured the necessary permits —your project goes to our shop, located in Tewksbury, MA. Our fabrication team uses state-of-the-art equipment, including a Magnus CO2 laser and EFI Pro 24f LED wide format flatbed printer, to produce your signage.


Because incorrect installations can compromise a sign’s effectiveness and its longevity, we take into consideration your new signage’s position, mounting type, and environment. Our project managers oversee the installation process to make sure it’s done correctly and safely.


Congratulations on the installation of your signs! “What’s next?” you might ask. Well, a signage project requires a financial investment, and so you’ll want to include funds for its upkeep in your annual budget. After all, burnt out bulbs and peeling paint don’t make a great impression.

Metro offers annual checkups for external signs to check for damage, clean faces, treat rust, and more. It’s good business sense to check your signs regularly and schedule annual or semi-annual inspections to clean and address minor issues.

We take great pride in the signs we design, fabricate, and install. All our signage projects


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