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Phillip Tutor: A Whopper of a sign in Anniston

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Here’s a Whopper of a sign story. In our experience, there are two key ideas to making your own signage story a shorter one.
Food For Thought

Communication, well-coordinated planning throughout the design review process, and compromise when needed typically results in getting the right sign, the first time. The earlier that coordinated communication begins in the design review process, the better. This is why we like to be involved in the architectural design phase of a project, so we can help prevent a situation in which a new sign needs to be reworked, or replaced, so soon after its initial installation.

As the author also points out, sign aesthetics are important and sometimes, public opinion weighs in on a project when it is nearly completed. In such a case, of course, communication and compromise, again, are the keys to getting a resolution everyone can be happy with.

Experienced signage professionals understand that the size, material, and aesthetics of a sign are not the only things to be considered in a construction or develoment project. When the court of public opinion is in session, you want a signage partner who is skilled at communication and compromise, as well as versed in working with planning and zoning officials.

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There’s a new Burger King going up in Golden Springs, Anniston’s over-the-mountain suburb. Everyone’s seen it. There’s a giant playground. There are trees and landscaping. The sign itself, however, makes for a Whopper of a story.
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