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If you ask any member of our team about the most exciting part of our work, you’ll likely get the same answer: Every project is unique. There’s never a cookie-cutter solution—and that’s where we get our inspiration. Recently, the design team at the real estate development company Related Beal approached us with one such challenge. In this case, the city of Boston had asked the luxury rental company to place wayfinding signs in strategic locations on Boston’s waterfront. The signs needed to help pedestrians navigate the bustling waterfront where the company’s Lovejoy Wharf property is located while complying with city, district, and environmental codes.

Mapping Walking Traffic

The first challenge was to identify the most elegant positioning for the signs based on the flow of pedestrian traffic. We worked with Related Beal to create a map that perfectly identified the area’s walking traffic patterns, leading us to the most effective placement for the signs. We decided on two outdoor signs: a three-paneled crossing marker pointing toward key landmarks, and a sign on the outer wall of the CONVERSE flagship store to direct traffic inland. Additionally, we found an ideal place for an indoor sign in a high-traffic area within one of the Related Beal buildings to help visitors find the ferry dock and other key locations.

Ensuring the Signs Would Last

Once placed, we wanted the outdoor signage in the waterfront area to look beautiful and high-end for many years to come, despite constant exposure to vehicle traffic and the air around Boston Harbor. So, we partnered with Direct Embed Powder Coated Graphics to powder-coat the sign surfaces, protecting them from the outdoor elements (and also from graffiti). We also found a secure and aesthetically pleasing way to bolt the sign to the pavers.

“We Love Our Signs!” – Steve Ng, Related Beal

Since we had worked with Related Beal before, we were happy to see them come back to us, seeing us as a trusted partner for this high-end architectural design project. It was also an honor for us to continue deepening what we see as a genuine partnership with the Related Beal team, collaborating with them on the overall design concept, field details, structural integrity and plans throughout the process. We’re now looking forward to working with them on new projects currently in the design phase.

Related Beal knows they can count on us to deliver high quality within their specified timeframe and budget—and you can, too. Get in touch with us today!

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