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The Infinite Possibilities of Vinyl Graphics

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New owner of full-service salon sees vibrant results with new logo, new sign

When Infinity Hair, a full-service salon and barbershop, was purchased, the new owner needed a new logo and sign. Metro Sign and Awning helped create a bold new look for the business.

The owner had several ideas. Metro’s Keene designer took those ideas and developed several concepts as a guide to steer the general direction of the sign.

“Once we had picked a basic concept, (designer Kris Arnold) dove in deeper and created a more detailed rendition,” explained Patrick Grizzard, Sales Manager. ‘The result was a stunning vinyl sign using the colors of the rainbow in an intertwined infinity sign.”

The Advantages of Vinyl Graphics

Grizzard is a big fan of vinyl graphics, for several reasons. Generally, “they offer the maximum value and presentation at a minimal cost,” he says. And, they’re versatile in many situations.

Not only does vinyl offer unlimited color options, industry tools have evolved to work with the material – meaning vinyl signs are better looking than ever.

“Metro’s investment in the machines  – including a large digital printer for the biggest jobs – and other tools gives our customers the edge,” Grizzard says. Those tools, in the hands of experienced designers and technicians, create intricate and beautiful signs.

vinyl graphics for Infinity Hairvinyl graphics for Infinity Hair

“Our designer, Kris Arnold, has been in the industry for over 30 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of sign making-design, creation and installation. He has worked with plotter-cut vinyl since the first machines appeared on the market in the late 70’s/early 80’s, when vinyl only came in a 15” wide roll.

He has seen the entire field develop and bloom over time, and he has always kept pace with these changes.”

All 30+ years of experience went into creating and applying this sign, Grizzard said, noting that several special techniques were involved to match the precision edges of this finished piece.

“The customer was wowed! The sign looks incredible and the color is extremely vibrant. We had the option to digitally print this sign, but we went in favor of the actual vinyl because of the vibrancy of the color. Traditional vinyl also retains color longer than a digital print does.”

Branding and Rebranding

Vinyl is a great choice for getting a high-impact sign installed as soon as possible after a business changes hands.

Another reason Grizzard is a fan of vinyl graphics: “They can be easily removed when it’s time for rebranding or updating the company look,” he says.

The right tools, design and technical expertise, as well as practical experience, combines to deliver the best vinyl graphics.  Metro Sign & Awning also has the experience to see that they are installed to look their best – so your business will get the looks it deserves.

Take a virtual tour of some of our vinyl graphic work, or contact us with your questions. We’d love to bring your ideas to life!

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