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Today’s Signage Quiz (Number 3 in a Series)

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How much do you really know about signs and signage?

Avid readers of this Metro Sign and Awning blog are probably near-experts in signs and signage, with a detailed understanding of signage technology and an encyclopedic knowledge of signage history. To see how much you know, here’s a quick quiz based on previous posts in this blog. How many answers can you get right?

All the answers should be known to you, provided you’ve been reading this blog:

Question 1:

How many ways can you easily calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of your signage:

a) In comparison with other advertising expenditures.
b) In comparison with any other expenditure – a purely financial calculation.
c) In comparison with your competitors’ signage.
d) only a and b above
e) all of the above

See the answer here.

Question 2:

A Metro Sign and Awning completed sign “made the news” on WCVB (Channel 5) on January 9th, 2015, because:

a) The News Director at that TV station is our brother-in-law, and owes us money.
b) Our sign incorporated a thermometer, and graphically illustrated a “cold snap” hitting Boston on that day.
c) Our sign froze solid in that day’s “cold snap” and made for a fun “lite news” interlude.
d) Everett High was due for some news coverage, and our sign was the only thing newsworthy at that school.

See the answer here

Question 3:

One thing most people don’t understand about the important of outdoor signage design is:

a) A good design looks the same in every weather and lighting condition.
b) A good design is the best way to ensure your sign ages gracefully.
c) A good design takes advantage of every weather and lighting condition to look great, even though its appearance may change throughout the day, and the seasons.
d) A good design evidences your company’s good taste and judgment in hiring a good signage designer.

See the answer here

Question 4:

Boston’s winter environment is so harsh that during many months, outdoor waiting, sitting, drinking and dining are practically impossible, unless:

a) Your establishment gets a favorable break in the weather.
b) Your establishment builds more indoor square footage to accommodate more patrons.
c) Your establishment provides blankets, gloves, hats, coats, and other cold weather gear so patrons can feel somewhat more comfortable outdoors.
d) Your establishment installs durable canopies and enclosures to provide outdoor space that can be heated to a comfortable temperature for your patrons.

See the answer here

Question 5:

“Ghost” signs are:

a) Scientific indications that supernatural spirits have been present.
b) Signs that advertise the services of people with expertise in supernatural phenomena.
c) Signs from bygone eras that have faded, aged, or otherwise become very difficult to see.
d). Signs that carry hidden meanings that only the most perceptive people can discern.

See the answer here

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