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Getting More From the Business Sign ROI Calculator

Signs cost money. So before you commit your business to getting a new or updated sign, it’s natural and prudent to ask whether the expenditure will be a worthwhile one. Fortunately, you can get the answer from our unique and exclusive Business Sign R.O.I. Calculator. But like any computerized tool, the answer you get out of it is only as accurate as the information you put into it. To make the Calculator easier and faster for most business owners and managers to use, we’ve built it with some generic information already in place. These data include a generic estimate of the costs involved – including the necessary Permits and approvals, average figures for electricity usage and costs, the typical traffic

Financial Return on a Signage Investment – Advertising Analysis

In an effort to clarify some of the complexities that often accompany deciding whether and when to buy new (or upgrade existing) signage, Metro Sign and Awning has now developed what we think of as an important new tool: The Return On Sign Investment Calculator. This innovative, computerized system lets you specify some of the variables involved in your next signage decision, helps you nail down other variables, and then instantly provides two different views as to whether or not spending that money on new or upgraded signage makes good business sense. One of those views is a straightforward “Advertising Analysis.” This perspective is both valuable and rare. It allows you to compare the cost of new or upgraded signage

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