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Signs of Sophistication

When clients or investors walk into your corporate office space, are they getting the right first impression? Researchers have found that an office’s interior environment can create lasting beliefs about a company’s culture, including how considerate the staff is and how much control the leaders have over what happens at the office. That’s why we’ve cultivated expertise in a wide range of higher-end interior environmental graphics packages. Here are a few examples from our portfolio. Floating Illuminated Logos Hudl is a tech company that provides tools for professional athletes and coaches to review and analyze footage of their games. They wanted the interior of their office to be exciting, fresh, and distinctive. We provided an interior signage package for them

This is What an Immersive Environment Looks Like

Have you ever walked into a space and been surrounded by bold, larger-than-life graphics on the walls, floors, ceilings, and even columns? For example, you might have seen a restaurant’s tantalizing morsels emblazoned on the wall, making you even hungrier before you’ve ordered. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve seen a colorful, digitally printed mural that made you pause and take in the sights while walking through a retail store, office, or transit space. You’ve probably also seen a floor-to-ceiling sign that made it effortless for you to navigate an unfamiliar building. In all these cases, what you were experiencing is called “environmental graphic design.” It’s a growing trend in corporate spaces as well as entertainment, hospitality, education, and transit buildings. These graphics

5 Tips for Using Signage to Attract Customers

What’s the best way to stand out as a restaurant? Brick-and-mortar branding, both interior and exterior. To attract hungry customers with exterior signage, start with the right branding. Modern? Classic? Use signage style to give patrons an idea of what to expect inside. While doing this, make your restaurant "findable" with easy-to-see exterior signage, ideally something that lights up at night. Then, indoors, continue to immerse customers in great branding. Custom interior signs and wall graphics are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to stand out and make sure your restaurant doesn’t feel like “just another pizza place” or “just another deli.” Finally, you can even go one more extra mile by bringing your brand off-premises (e.g. setting up at street fairs with an eye-catching banner!).

‘Being and Neonness’: Neon as a Symbol of the 20th Century

When French engineer Georges Claude premiered neon lights at the Paris Motor Show in 1910, they instantly became a symbol of excitement and modernity. Claude’s lights trapped and electrified neon gas inside glass tubes, producing an orange-red glow that lasted about 1,000 hours. After that, “neon lighting” became a catchall term referring to glass tubing containing any gas or chemical that glows when electrified. Today, genuine neon signs are still made by hand—there’s no way to mass-manufacture them—but a similar aesthetic can also be produced using LEDs.

4 Great Wallcovering Trends: Graphics, Geometrics, Grasscloth & Glitz

When you hear “wallpaper,” you probably don’t picture glowing electronic circuit boards printed on paper or catwalk fashion prints adapted for interior walls. But this is the new world of wallcovering, as experienced installers are finding novel ways to make walls into a design asset. Using LED lights and Swarovski crystals, some are crafting dazzling, twinkling displays for settings such as hotel foyers—innovative decor that looks high-tech while remaining budget-friendly. Others have developed stunning new patterns for classic textured grasscloth that border on high art. As a result, demand is now soaring for this affordable design fixture that can make a lasting impression like never before.

5 Types of Environmental Graphic Design and How It Impacts an Experience

Environmental graphic design includes many different elements, and focuses on the graphic elements included in a space. This type of design can be used to educate, to enlighten individuals regarding a brand, or to entertain. What is important is the way design elements are used, so as to create the optimal experience for individuals.

Our Spring went to the Dogs (And Cats)

Metro Sign & Awning

In May we were helping brand the National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS) non-profit canine center just in time for their grand opening.  And speaking of furry, four-legged friends, most of the signs you see around a lion’s living quarters say “Beware” or “Danger.” Our client, The Ecotarium Museum of Science and Nature, wanted just the opposite: a warm, inviting archway to welcome visitors to their new wildcat exhibit. We did not disappoint! A Pet Project The NEADS non-profit canine center in Princeton, Massachusetts, provides dogs for the deaf, disabled, veterans, children with autism, classrooms, hospitals, courthouses, mental health practices, ministries and prisons. Their puppies are provided by breeders and animal shelter rescues around the country. When they came

The Benefits of Signage Infographic

Your small business sign is much more than an indication of where your business is located. A sign actually gives you one of the biggest bangs for your advertising buck. It helps you gain an identity as well as new clients, which in turn adds to your bottom line. Did you know a recent survey found 35% of passersby wouldn’t have known about a business without a sign? Studies also show your signage is more effective at keeping your business top of mind with consumers than TV or radio advertising. Delve into this and other interesting statistics with a revealing infographic on the benefits of signs.

The Writing’s On the Wall

Metro Sign & Awning

Bette Davis once said, “I’d luv ta kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.” The tough-talking, Academy Award-winning actress was born at 22 Chester Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. As one of the oldest cities in the Commonwealth, Lowell has been home to many notable and quotable people not only in entertainment but politics, military, law, academics, sports, science, arts and literature. That’s why it was only fitting that Thorndike Exchange in historic downtown Lowell take motivational quotes from famous past residents as a starting point for their interior and exterior signage.   A Sal Lupoli residential project, Thorndike Exchange is a refurbished old mill building transformed into a mixed-use destination with contemporary commercial space and a posh multi-story residential

If You’re Reading This Sign, Customer Experience Is Happening

Simple everyday signage communicates your brand to customers as much as any formal signage does. It’s important to keep in mind how a little friendliness and candor can go a long way to helping a business stand out. And these memorable interactions don’t have to be limited to printed signs. Boost your customer engagement with memorable messaging across platforms through friendlier and warmer language or approach.

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