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Don’t Gamble, Just Win with Your Signage

Several Metro employees were at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island last week, but they weren’t rolling dice or playing slots (at least, that’s not why they went). They attended the New England Sign Expo as Metro representatives, sharing experiences, tips, and trends with hundreds of other signage professionals. Signage Professionals: Sharing Knowledge, Signage Expertise Our employees returned with quite a haul of new knowledge, which they’re sharing with everyone here. Hosted annually by the Northeast States Sign Association (NSSA), the Sign Expo offers educational demonstrations and seminars (in addition to some fun social activities!) and this year, much of the focus was on LED and digital signage. Green Signage Scores (Another) One for the Planet Of course, we’ve worked

Interview with a Vehicle Wrap

You’ve seen vehicle wraps on the street, in your parking lot, and all over. They’re hot, and they’re busy, appearing everywhere, generating new business as they go. But what do you know about vehicle wraps? We cornered one to see what it could tell us. Q&A with a Vehicle Wrap Metro Sign & Awning: So, what do you do all day? Vehicle Wrap: You’re kidding, right? I hang out where you hang out. I can be seen anywhere, and everywhere, I go. I’m outdoor advertising in motion! [looks left, then right] Between you and me, billboards are extremely jealous. MSA: What are you made of? VW: Sugar and spice and everything nice. The Right Stuff. [laughs] Seriously, you don’t want

Super Bowl Spots vs. Commercial Signs: The Winner is…

Quick, what was your favorite 2013 Super Bowl commercial? We’re asking because a 30-second spot in Super Bowl XLVII cost between $3.7– 4.0 million. So, one month after the Ravens shocked the 49ers, what comes to mind when you recall those much-ballyhooed commercials? We’ve talked about ROI– return on investment – before. If Super Bowl advertisers got their money’s worth, those commercials would have to be indelibly etched into your memory. Just remembering a commercial isn’t the point of advertising, though. So the next question is, did you buy something because of one of those commercials? A good sign, of course, makes a lasting impression for far less than a Super Bowl spot. When you consider the number of exposures

Signs and Advertising ROI

Signs can serve many purposes. Some give direction, others warn of potential dangers, but most let the world know you’re in business.  In other words, they’re advertising, and I’m always surprised when our clients don’t consider them as such. Typically, a sign will be up for 5-10 years before the business owner wants to update it. (Of course I have to point out that our signs are built to last much longer!) Their longevity alone makes signs a unique form of advertising – one with excellent return on investment (ROI). Whether it’s illuminated or not, an exterior sign’s cost-per-impression compares very favorably to other forms of advertising. Think about newspaper, TV, radio, Yellow Pages, and online advertising. How many people

Sustainable Signs and Their Broad Benefits: Green Signage Tips to Wow Your Clients, Part IV

One of the important things about business is calculating your return of investment (ROI) and when one thinks of ROI, sustainability often plays an important role. In June, we introduced our free white paper , 9 Green Signage Tips You Can Use to Wow your Clients, which highlights environmentally friendly practices you can consider when investing in a new sign and tips to help you use these practices to your business’ advantage.. You can download the version appropriate for you: Architects, General Contractors, Property Managers, and Everyone else. Now when you’re talking about signs, the environmental impact of a sign, manufacturing, maintenance and life cycle issues are as important as energy consumption. Some questions to keep in mind would include: How often will light bulbs be replaced? Will

Free White Paper: 9 Green Signage Tips to Wow your Clients

In the sign business we’ve found that environmentally-friendly business practices can benefit not only the environment but also the bottom line. Given the interest in this subject among our partners—architects, general contractors, property managers, and other resellers—we recently completed a free white paper, 9 Green Signage Tips You Can Use To Wow your Clients. In it you will discover how expertise in environmentally friendly signs and awnings can impress your clients and help your business grow. As an example of what you find in the free white paper, here is Tip #1 1. Signage can help with LEED certification A growing number of interior wall coverings can help buildings accumulate credit toward the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental

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